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Competency Modelling

  • Do employees know what it takes to move to senior roles?

  • Is there a feedback culture where the direct manager provides answers to what employees ought to develop?

  • What are the expectations for leaders of Organizations? Are the expectations clear and explicit? And are they being met?

A consulting process that uses tools to generate research-based job and function profiles that are customized to every client, Competency Modelling enables clients to improve their Talent Strategies. Competency Model is at the heart of all talent assessments, selection, engagement, performance management, and development. This brings about a standard model to enable differentiation in talent, basis their individual level of competencies. This underpins all decisions on talent related to hiring, development, and succession into higher roles. Competency-based development provides the dictionary for talent to transition to higher roles and brings about hierarchy differentiation in organizations.

Organization Structure And Design

  • Is there a lack of clarity about who is responsible for what, within the various levels of the organization?

  • Are the executives clear on who takes a decision and on what?

  • Are we seeing duplication of work across functions or levels?

Organization structure and design needs to be informed by strategy and requires optimization in the execution of the stated business strategy. There are some key organization design principles that need to be considered as one formulates the structure and design of the organization. It also reflects its hierarchy and its decision-making process, to a large extent. This service line helps organizations exercise the efficiency necessary to make changes to its structure if so required by the external market factors, to allow it be to competitive and ahead in the industry. This brings about functional clarity and role clarifications and further augments the right decision-making that is required for the organization to remain competitive.

Organization Structure And Design

  • Is there alignment between the overall organization set of goals with functional and department goals?

  • Further, are all the employees in each department/function clear what is expected from them, in the current role?

  • Do employees know how to take action on the organization’s strategy and vision?

Performance Management system is a systematic approach to measure the performance of each and every employee of the organization. It is a tedious process through which the organization aligns their mission, goals, and objectives with their available resources and sets up priorities. A successful performance management system provides clarity to each and every employee on what is expected from him/her in the role that they perform, and thereby put in the right amount of effort to meet or exceed the performance standards.

Culture Alignment

  • Having communicated a new set of expectations, have you observed any change in the behavior amongst employees?

  • As a new leadership team takes over, how will the culture help drive and support some new changes that they would like to bring in?

  • What challenges do you expect to encounter as you drive the new organizational change agenda?

As a consulting process and methodology that assesses the alignment between the Organizational Strategy and Corporate Culture, Culture Alignment processes assess the difference between the current culture and desired culture basis organizational strategy, and creates an action plan that brings Strategy, Vision, Leadership, Capabilities, and Culture seamlessly into Corporate Strategy. This service line attempts to capture the full range of Values, Assumptions, Beliefs, and Behaviours. Having said that culture can be quite intangible and implicit and can also be deep-rooted. It assesses leadership and employees across cultural dimensions to determine misalignments with Strategy and sets the stage for putting a workable solution.

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