The Addictions Masterclass is a thorough, 6-part program that reveals the neurobiology of addiction and how we can have substantial effects on people’s lives



About this Program 

The number of people with addictions is enormous. And it’s getting worse. In the United States, 1 in 10 people have a substance abuse disorder. Some 31 million people worldwide have a drug use disorder. The Addictions Masterclass is a thorough, 9-part program that reveals the neurobiology of addiction and how we can have substantial effects on people’s lives.

Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease. Drug and alcohol abuse can have a wide range of short- and long-term, direct and indirect effects. Repeated drug use changes the brain and leads to addiction. It causes a person to take drugs repeatedly, despite the harm they cause. By addictions, we mean gambling, internet gaming, sex, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, screen and any other substance or thing with abuse potential.

The changes in the addicted brain can be lasting, so drug addiction is considered a “relapsing” disease. This means that people in recovery are at risk for taking drugs again, even after years of not taking them.Led PARITOSH SHARAN, this program will give you a thorough overview of this disease and give you new skills in recognising and assisting those with OCBs and addictions. He will discuss the most effective methods for identifying addictions, the neurobiology of addictions, the impact of attachment issues in the genesis of addiction, the effect on the individual as well as on their family and many possible  therapies for addressing addictions.

From This Course You will 

  • Understand the neurobiological process of addiction and how it changes the brain
  • Know when you have someone that may have a problem with addiction
  • Learn the characteristic features and diagnostic criteria of addictionsLearn how trauma can impact a person’s risk to substance abuse
  • Learn how to manage process addictions like gambling, internet gaming and sex
  • Have lots of nutritional and emotional tools to assist these patients
  • Receive clear protocols on how to approach the diverse range of addiction presentations
  • Achieve much better clinical outcomes for these people who have complex presentations and otherwise poor prognosis

What You Get ...

Live Interactive Sessions 
12 Live Interactive ZOOM Sessions of 2 Hour Each dealing with the Core Technology and the Practices 

Active Visualisation Audios 
Extremely Powerful Active Visualisation Process designed specifically for the Purpose 

Individual Coaching Sessions 
2 Individual Coaching Session for an Hour Each for the participants 

21 Days Support
All the participants are Supported for 21 days through Informal/formal  sessions.

About the Coach 

Paritosh Sharan is an experienced and Certified Life & Executive Coach, Wellness Coach, OD Consultant, Counsellor, Transformational Speaker, Master Practitioner, and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Paritosh is also the Regional Director for The Alpha Group International, a world's leading Peer-to-Peer Executive Board, helping SMEs and Startup organizations grow their businesses in India.   

He comes with more than 27 years of overall experience where he spent more than 22 years in leading Organisations such as TATA Steel, Oracle Corporation, Satyam, Tech Mahindra, and HCL Technologies. In his career, he worked in various domains such as Plant Operations and Maintenance, Supply Chain, Process and IT Consulting, IT & ITES, Customer Relationship Management Global Alliances, and Partnership Management, Humanities.

Paritosh Sharan is also a Marshal Goldsmith & Global Coaching Group certifies Executive and Team Coach. For his interventions, he draws from the various domain of Knowledge such as Psycho-Neurology, Human Process Work, NLP, Vedanta, Theosophy, Energy Healing Modalities, Yoga and Ayurveda (Life Sciences). His Mission is to Live Consciously and Live a life that is Meaningful and inspires others to do the same. To fulfill his mission he founded Transhuman Consulting, and along with his like-minded consultants, started offering interventions to Individuals as well as Organisation

To know more about him please click on the link Paritosh Sharan


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