Why Paritosh?

Leadership is a great quality. But creating leaders requires much more than that. Paritosh Sharan has been creating world leaders for past 23 years with one mission in mind – To unlock your secret potential. There are many reasons that make his coaching and training programs unique:

His Commitment

Paritosh Sharan is dedicated to provide you all the support you need to achieve success in life. His commitment for transformation and a unique level of individual support & guidance throughout your training or coaching journey is what makes him special.

Rich Experience

Paritosh has given more than 1000 hours of coaching and training both on individual level and in groups. He has over 23 years of rich corporate experience with leading organizations like TATA STEEL, Satyam Computers, Oracle Corporation, HCL Technologies and Tech Mahindra. He developed his insights through working in various functions and domains which traverse from Operations and Maintenance, Supply Chain, Business Process Engineering, IT Strategy Consulting, CRM Consulting, Partner Alliances Management, Project Management, etc. His associations in the entire career includes but is not limited to industry domains such as Manufacturing, Communication, BFSI, Engineering & Construction, IT & ITES, Government & Education, Business Consulting, Media and Healthcare Sectors.

A Unique Approach

He brings a unique blend of knowhow and expertise developed over a decade and utilizes various streams of interventions into one such as Ontology, Neuro based research on Human Behaviors, Human Process Work, Energy Work, NLP and Hypnosis. His personal exploration spreads way beyond the subjects mentioned above. He practices what he preaches and that’s what helps him connect with people at a much deeper level and that comes to him naturally.

Adding Value To Clients

Each client comes with their own personal objectives/interest for the training and leaves with much more than they initially expected. Here are some of the incredible outcomes that one can expect to achieve:

  • Take complete responsibility and control over your life & your outcome and help others to achieve the same
  • Have the ability to change unhelpful strategies and replace them with ones that are more useful
  • Understand how the mind processes information to create your model of reality
  • Get rid of impacts of unpleasant past, traumas and negative memories
  • Add richness of perspectives to see things in a positive frame
  • Open new possibilities in life – Create a whole new career path
  • Radically improve performance and success in your existing job
  • The ability to support others in their quest for excellence
  • Learn to control your emotional state at your will
  • Learn state of control to stay happy and peaceful
  • Develop a charismatic and confident personality
  • Achieve personal alignment and congruence
  • Become outcome focused and reduce worry
  • Remove negative beliefs about yourself
  • Transform your dreams into reality
  • Improve time and task management
  • Learn the language of metaphor
  • Live by choice, not by chance
  • Improve your relationships
  • Resolve internal conflicts
  • Transformed Communication
  • Develop listening skills

With his guidance and support you not only achieve all the above yourself but will have tools and techniques to help others achieve the same.

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